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KodeFox is a team of software engineers specializing in robust, scalable Apps using modern technologies. We specialize in React, React Native and Node.js for building iOS, Android, Web and Desktop apps which gives us a significant competitive advantage in several ways:

Rapid Prototyping

Automated Testing

Over-the-Air Updates

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Building software with passion and hard work.

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Work with the industry's best and brightest software engineers.

Our Technology

We specialize in a set of cutting-edge technologies. This tech
helps us build robust, scalable apps for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop.

React & React Native

React is our secret weapon. It helps us build UIs of the future with a fraction of the dev resources.


JavaScript on the front- and back-end, Node makes our server code fly.


Deterministic application state that's easy to reason about. Redux makes stable and testable apps!

Git & Github

Collaborative coding for our open and closed-source projects. Git helps us scale our dev team with style.


Allowing UI components to specify their data requirements pays off in performance and maintainability!

ES6 all the things

We use modern JavaScript end-to-end and we build with Babel to use the JS of tomorrow today.

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Our Projects

Whatever good things we build, end up building us

Fulfilled Logo

iOS and Android

We get how confusing and frustrating getting in shape can be, especially when it comes to staying motivated when times get busy and knowing what to do to get out of slumps. Fulfilled puts an amazing team of mentors behind you to motivate and clarify any issues you might have, along with a special step by step program. Start your healthy lifestyle with Fulfilled!

Karsa Logo


Karsa empowers agri-business with social and informational resources to become more effective and productive. Karsa provides rural Indonesian farmers with information technology and social networks for the greater good. With information and empowerment, farmers are able not only to make better decisions for their livelihood but also to lift the veil of market fragmentation.

MarketWurks Logo


MarketWurks is a modern, web-based platform for managing markets and events. MarketWurks enables market managers to accept signups, manage vendors, maps, placement, reporting and invoicing. Public-facing features integrate seamlessly into each market's own existing website.

Our Team

Simon Sturmer

Founder and CTO with a passion for high-quality software and fine coffee.


Well-rounded, full-stack software architect


Experienced UI programmer, iOS, Android and Web


JS Ninja and UI/UX artist

Ronaldo Vitto

Web and Mobile experience craftsman

Ricky Jiandy

Strongly-opinionated code barista

Ucok Freddy

Database, API, sysadmin, master of all

Audy Tanudjaja

Lean, mean coding machine

Amanda Clarissa

Wrangler of the entire dev team, client relations and “everything-manager”

Paul Sturmer

Manager of projects and enforcer of excellence

Great software does not just happen. We engineer it to happen.